Fungi Town is my personal podcast and current passion. It is an audio program aimed at bringing the wide and wonderful world of mycology (the study of molds, mushrooms, and fungi) to a broad audience. As “mayor” of Fungi Town, I write, edit, and produce an engaging show that includes interviews with experts and hobbyists from diverse fields.

UpWork is a platform for freelance writers, editors, programmers, and virtual assistants. I have helped several clients develop blog content, proofread, edit, and organize data. Topics have included dogs, the Green New Deal, human anatomy, and sociopolitical conversation starters.

IEEE Earthzine granted me a writing fellowship, during which I published a biographic article about oceanographer Mandy Joye.

Seven Months on Saint Catherines is an ecology blog I wrote during an internship off the coast of Georgia, where I cared for ring-tailed lemurs and cranes.

Athens Science Observer is a student, peer-reviewed blog where two of my articles were published.

Shrinking in the Heat – an article about the Red Knot, a migratory shorebird that has been showing signs of reduced body size as a result of climate shifting.

Mims Park News – a news-style article about proposed renovations to Mims Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

Why Care About Dog Waste? – a persuasive article concerning citizens’ roles in managing dog waste.